The current job market is an exceptionally difficult and stressful one. For any single job there are probably at least ten times more applicants than there would have been two years ago. Not only that but the quality of candidates is also much higher as more and more seasoned and experienced workers join the growing numbers of unemployed.


What does that mean for you? It means that you will have to work harder at standing out from the crowd. That means a better and more tailored CV and lots of interview preparation.  It also means being aware of your transferrable skills and understanding how they will fit in to another organisation's requirements.


So when you walk out of your next interview...


Will you be smiling, head held high and confident in the knowledge that you have performed well, given a good account of yourself and are well on the road to landing the job that's going to get you back to work, advance your career, allow you to focus on your passions, and provide you with the pay and lifestyle you want for yourself and your family?


Or, will you have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach?


You know the one...That feeling of disappointment and dread in knowing that you'll be back on the job hunt tomorrow.


Many of us find it difficult to understand what a employer is looking for and how to match our experience, achievements and skills to get the job we want.  So interviewees often feel like they lost out on a better job because they weren't able to make the most of their chance. At Consulting Excellence we provide one-to-one coaching and group interview training workshops (including Public Courses) to help you achieve your goal in getting that dream job or promotion. 


One-to-one Interview Coaching

From as little as a one hour session we will significantly improve your chances of getting that job by:

  • Equipping you with the techniques to demonstrate to interviewers your competencies (skills, knowledge, behaviours and personal attributes) and match these against what the interviewer is looking for
  • Giving you the confidence to sell yourself and demonstrate you are a good fit to the job
  • Helping you understand the rationale behind and answer those difficult questions
  • Providing you with the skills to prepare for and excel at interviews
  • Identifing gaps for improvement and how to fill these 
  • Improving your interview technique through mock interviews with a highly experienced interviewer (optional) 


Our coaching is tailored specifically to you, your experience, your needs and the job(s) you are targetting.  It is a very focused and highly interactive process which will yield real improvements to your interview performance.


Why choose Consulting Excellence?

  • 100% of our clients feel that their coaching was successful and benefitted them
                • You want to know the secrets the other candidates for your job don't
  • You want to outshine, outperform and outlast the other candidates
  • You will be getting the best possible help - Jackie Prendergast is a highly experienced and trained interviewer with a background in HR management, giving her an in-depth understanding of what an employer looks for at an interview
  • She has recruited at all levels of the organisation from entry to Senior Managers
  • We have experience in coaching clients from a diverse range of backgrounds for jobs at all levels and across all sectors. Some of these inlcude:



Pharmacists (Community & Hospital)

Sales professionals (from field sales to Sales Directors)

Solicitors / legal assistants

Insurance professionals

Clerical / Administration staff

Senior I.T. professional s

Retails Sales assistants / Store Managers / Area Managers

Teachers/ Lecturer


Accountants / Financial Controllers / Technicians

Public Service / Civil Service positions / Garda Recruits / Sergeants / Prison officers at various levels / HSE staff

Nursing staff  / Hospital Consultants / Registrars / G.P.s / Ambulance

Property developers / Auctioneers / Builders / Tradesmen


Sessions must be paid in advance.  Minimum session is 1.5 hours.  Longer sessions can be booked at a reduced rate.


Once full payment has been received by us we will contact you to arrange a suitable time. (In the event that we cannot facilitate you with an appointment we will issue a full refund.)


**Please note that all face-to-face interview coaching sessions take place in Dublin.  However if you are unable to travel we can provide coaching via Skype.  For more information contact (01) 465 2391.




Book 1 x 1.5 hour session €210


Book 1 x 2 hour session    €270


Book 1 x 2.5 hour session €310



To arrange a coaching session appointment, or for more information on how Consulting Excellence can help you excel at interviews please submit your details below or call (01) 435 2391 today.


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"Hi Jackie,

Just to let you know I was successful in my job interview. Your advice and tips were invaluable on the day. Thanks for all your help. I will be passing on your details to anyone who might require your services."   

Liam Metcalfe


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"I found the help of Consulting Excellence exceptional. I was more prepared for an interview than I had ever been before because of all the topics and interview skills covered by Jackie. This gave me the confidence to sell myself in the interview and secure the position I was looking for."

J Leonard

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