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Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. 

Paul J. Meyer


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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

At Consulting Excellence we can offer SMEs expert support and advice on a number of fronts.  For example, if you need to recruit new staff and don't have the internal resources to manage the process we can run the campaign for you.  Our level of involvement is dependent on your individual needs and can range right through from identifying the skills and competencies necessary for the role to agreeing the contract with the chosen candidate.  We can liaise with the recruitment agency, advertise on your behalf or conduct an executive search.  We can even train you and your managers on how to interview, helping to ensure you hire the right person first time!


A vital part of being a successful employer and a successful SME business is ensuring that you have the right HR policies and procedures.  Getting your employment policies in place is key to ensuring that your employees are treated fairly and consistently.  It is imperative that you have the HR systems and structures that will underpin your business strategy and ensure that you have the "people" capacity and capability to deliver on your goals.  In addition there is a legal requirement to have particular policies in place, and failure to do so can lead to significant financial reprecussions. Consulting Excellence offers both tailored and off-the-shelf policy solutions, including Employee Handbooks, to address your HR policy requirements.

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As businesses grow, change is ongoing and inevitable.  Many organisations change at an incremental pace and without great difficulty.  Employees often do not recognise that they and the organisation is constantly changing.  But for most organisations there will be points in their growth or development  where the change necessary is more fundamental and is likely to meet resistance. Managing the organisational change process correctly is hugely important for a successful outcome. It is a widely accepted fact in the business world that most change processes fail. Why? Simply because the change wasn't thought through and planned properly.  


Some of the key diagnostic tools that can help us and you to understand what is happening in your business are Cultural Audits - these assess your organisational culture and are a key element in understanding your organisation's change readiness, HR Compliance Audits - a process used to check the extent to which your HR policies meet legal requirements and a Full HR Audit - a full assessment of your HR policies, procedures, structures etc to determine their level of effectiveness and identify areas for improvements.


Clearly a key element in ensuring your organisations survival and growth is having the right tools and strategies to manage your business and develop your sales.  Consulting Excellence offers a range of SME training, coaching and mentoring to support you in growing and developing your business.

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Unfortunately in all organisations conflict will arise from time to time.  This can range from collective issues relating to pay and redundancy (a hot topic at the moment) or other areas of contention between management and employees, to disciplinary or grievance issues to conflicts such as bullying and harassment.  The whole area of handling conflict issues is fraught with danger for the employer, particularly within the smaller SMEs.  You only need to pick up the papers to see the wide range of issues which end up in the Labour Court, Employment Appeals Tribunal or Equality Tribunal.   While it isn't always avoidable, allowing a conflict to escalate to this stage is very damaging for your business.  Having the right policies and procedures in place will help to reduce this risk.  So too will ensuring that those policies are implemented correctly and fairly.  In addition having an independent resource to facilitate and mediate through discussions will help to avoid and resolve the conflict, saving your time, money and potentially, your reputation.


Consulting Excellence is the perfect business partner; allowing your organisation to access professional HR Consultancy expertise without the expense of setting up a HR function, and providing you with advice, support and training to develop and grow your business through improved policies and procedures, better people management, and better strategies.


We offer a free, no obligation, initial consultation. So to find out how we can help you and your business reach full potential contact Consulting Excellence today!


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